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In Memory of Papa Gruan - Grandfather - Papua New Guinea

Abraham Kanund Kamben a.k.a. "Jambok"
born 1920 At Kapikaru, Buang sub-district, Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea
died February 5th 2004 at Geyambos .
"When an old man dies in the village a whole library dies with him."

See also photo of Jambok at recent house dedication

Photo of section of Jambok's grandchildren at his grave site in 2004

Above the Clouds - PhotoFriends and Wise Men PhotoA very large community supported house dedication

House Building Dedication in PNG

Buang, Morobe Province, PNG Papua New Guinea

Some non-formal community views of different parts of Papua New Guinea from John Evans, publisher of www.pngbuai.com

Photo "... shows the view from front of house which is often in the clouds - to the Snake Valley below - Kathy and Jackson (suppliers of the pig we ate)..." [for the] "... dedication so that the community knows the purpose of the building and that they should modify their activities acordingly." The dedication is also to address and "sort ... the spiritual elements". ...

[as photo above shows, it can be considerably cooler in the hills and mountain areas of Papua New Guinea in spite of the proximity of the Equator]

Other participants at the building dedication included:

  •   John Evans standing in back row
  • a.  Kakalem Nork - local historian - first graduate from the Buang area - he stayed at home rather than the taking the route to fame and fortune of the other early graduates.  Has revived the dying dances and love songs and has a prize wining dance group.
  • b.  Jambok - Papa Graun and the guy who knows where all the spirits are and their stories - one of the spirits was looking round the house during our ceremony - a good sign he says.  [He has]... many stories - both the ancestor ones and his experience in WW2 - as carrier - and as a young man in Lae.

    IN MEMORIUM   Jambok Kambeng "When an old man dies in the village a whole library dies with him."

    The photo at the top of this page shows some of Jambok's grandchildren,

  • c.  Pastor Taelabu Tau - Manga Parish, Buang Circuit, Lutheran Church, Morobe Province.

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