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  • Butterfly-Butterflies Catalog
    Catalogue of Butterflies available  including: Genus Ornithoptera | Family Papilionidae | Genus Pieridae | Genus Nymphalidae | Moths | Genus Lycaenidae |

    Above catalog is from INSECT FARMING AND TRADING AGENCY www.ifta.com.pg
    Tel: (+675) 474 5285
    Butterfly Catalogue . all prices are in $US
  • Other Insects - Catalog
    from Insect Farming & Trading Agency
  • Natural sciences & mathematics
  • Natural sciences - Papua New Guinea
    • Botany (Univerisity of Papua New Guinea Press publications list) The Flora of Motupure Island - Papua New Guinea
      By:  Helen Fortune Hopkins and James I. Menzies. Published November 1995. ISBN 9980-84-055-2. 212 pages, 9 figures plus plant illustrations in text, 8 coloured plates, 4 colour cover.
      Glossary, bibliography and index. K25. (special rates apply to students and institutions in PNG, please enquire)

      ... The aim of the book is to assist in identification of terrestrial vascular plants on the island of Motupore, Bootless Bay, Central Province, Papua New Guinea. The book will also be of some assistance as a general guide to the local flora of Port Moresby. the main part of the text is an annotated and illustrated checklist of species arranged alphabetically by family. The book is not intended as a critical flora drawing mainly from checklists and herbarium specimens at the University of Papua New Guinea. The publication has been assisted by a generous grant from the Papua New Guinea Biological Foundation....

  • Mathematics - Papua New Guinea

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