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Views On major community groups involvement with large house dedication in East Sepik Province, PNG

some of crowds enroute to Sepik Province house dedication and donation reallocations in PNG

Comments from John Evans

The following digital photos were recently found [in 2003] and "... relate to a very big house warming.  This was next door to our humble house - which was delayed because of this grander place.  This was built by the local MP [Member of Parliament, Papua New Guinea] - Samson Napo - he is MP no longer - and has never lived in the house.

Note this was dry season 2000 I think - before elections.

Some interesting features -

  • Skelim - communities donated food - then get a redistribution 11 and 12 - Skelim - communities donated food and then get a redistribution at the end of the day - often less than they brought in - skillful persons work all day on this - and tend to end up with overall disatisfaction.
  • Pigs - a large number (68 ??) were bought by the member - to add to the distribution - same obscure rules applied.  Many pigs expired in the heat.

For another view of the same "neighborhood" of the house dedication shown in these photos, return to smaller house dedication from John Evans.

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