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  • Condolence Message on the death of the late REGIS STELLA from Edward P. (Ted) Wolfers 2012

    My family join me in sending our sincere condolences to the family, friends, colleagues and students of the late Regis Stella following his recent, very sad and untimely death.

    The late Regis Stella was a truly talented man, with creative, critical and analytical skills in diverse fields of cultural activity. His interests and insightful articles and books embraced both music, where he wrote a thoughtful account of traditional forms and styles of composition and performance among the Banoni people of Bougainville, as well as creative writing of which he was author, compiler and editor, and insightful critic. As an academic analyst and critic, he drew on historical writings as well as contemporary critical analyses to produce work which was remarkable for the breadth, depth, originality and insight of the scholarly research on which it was based. He was a creative writer, who wrote novels which were well-received by critics and general readers alike.
    .... click for rest of Condolence Message

  • Book2Buk2 - The concatenation continues 17th - 18th August 2010, UPNG Waigani Campus, Main Lecture Theatre "Celebrating 40 odd years of bookselling at UPNG"
  • Event Report for Book2Buk 11th - 12th August, 2008 UPNG Waigani Campus, by: John Evans. Manager UPNG Press and Bookshop (nb 230 k pdf file)
  • Article:  Publishing ‘Homegrown’ Papua New Guinea Books, by: Edward P. Wolfers, CSM CMG Professor of Politics, Univ. Wollongong, Australia
  • B o o k 2 B u k  - Talking about PNG Books 11th-12th August 2008  - UPNG Waigani Campus
  • Book2Buk2008[1].doc conference topics schedule
    Theme - "Books:  Sources of information, inspiration and education"
    Goal - To celebrate and advance the role of books in preserving the heritage of Papua New Guinea
    This meeting is being run in association with the 2008 Waigani Seminar by UPNG Press and Bookshop.
    Contact email:  upngbooks@gmail.comn John Evans at UPNG Bookshop.
  • List of 1967 - 1997 Waigani Seminars   WaiganiSeminars1967-97list_published.pdf note active web url links in 176k pdf document

Read THE READING HABIT - a missing link between literacy and libraries [141 kb pdf file]

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special "notes section"

Condolences to family, friends, colleagues and students of late Regis Stella

The late Regis Stella was a hard-working, thoughtful and thought-provoking researcher, a committed and generous teacher, and a good friend and source of encouragement to others, including myself. With so much potential still to bear fruit in the various projects on which he had been working - including fresh creative and critical writings of his own, as well as editing of others - he will be missed not only by family, relatives and friends but by the wider community of fellow-teachers, students and readers of Papua New Guinean literature in universities, schools and homes around the country, and overseas.  Researchers and readers of writing about the Pacific more generally will grieve at the loss of a multi-talented, thoughtful and thought-provoking, impressively productive colleague. Our sense of loss will also be felt by members of the global community of literary scholars and readers who draw on the late Regis Stella's insightful and theoretically informed analyses of literature from and about the post-colonial world generally.

When I think back to the promise he displayed when he was a postgraduate student - and friend - at the University of Wollongong, and consider the many different, substantial contributions he has since made to education and the enrichment of cultural life in Papua New Guinea, the acknowledgement expressed in Banoni at the start of the book based on his doctoral thesis, Imagining the Other: The Representation of the Papua New Guinean Subject, comes to mind:  'Thank you ... You ... have a place in my heart.' It is a sentiment which, I am sure, is widely and deeply shared not only by the people here today but by relatives, friends and other people in Bougainville, as well as the late Regis Stella's friends, professional colleagues and students, and many admirers and appreciative readers in other parts of Papua New Guinea and overseas.

While it is some time since we last met, the late Regis Stella and I remained in contact by email.  I shall certainly miss his friendship.

To his immediate and extended family, friends, colleagues and students, my sincere condolences on our recent sad loss.  May his soul rest in peace.

Edward P. (Ted) Wolfers, April 2012

baby on shoulders of father - youth of Papua New Guinea

CLICK FOR FULL PHOTO OF QUADRANGLE ENTRANCE - Tony Tore, playing bagpipes welcoming WAIGANI SEMINAR 2008 participants at Univerristy of Papua New Guinea

Papa Professor Dr. Ron Crocombe, tribute at 2008 Waigani Seminar

Tribute-Obituary to  Mr. Kumalau Tawali, PNG's great writer, poet, scholar and pastor  1947-2006 See Also