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2008 Waigani Seminar Series II

Living History and Evolving Democracy in Papua New Guinea 1964 - 2008

"The University of Papua New Guinea dedicates the 2008 Waigani Seminar to Papa Dr Ron Crocombe in appreciation of his unique vision, intellectual honesty and academic rigour, and his unbounded energy and dedication as the founding father of the Waigani Seminar, 1967."

Photo to right: 

Professor Ron Crocombe:  ‘Papa’ throughout the Pacific

Dr. Crocombe - aka - PAPA - photo of this Waigani pioneer


Welcome Addresses: 
   - Dr. John Waiko, Chairman, Waigani Seminar
   - Dr. Ross Hynes, Vice-Chancellor, UPNG

Professor Ron Crocombe
   - Summary CV, by Professor Ron Crocombe
   - Personal Appreciation:  from Sir John Kaputin

1. Constitution-Making and Constitutional Development: Before and after Independence

  • Introduction: Constitution-Making and Constitutional Development
    Edward P. Wolfers
  • Autonomy in the Context of the Underlying Philosophy of Decentralisation
    Ambassador - John Momis
  • Walking the Footpaths of the Constitutional Planning Committee’s Five National Goals and Directive Principles.
    Ambassador - H.E. Bernard Narokobi
  • The PNG Constitution and the Making of Organic Laws
    Jonathon Ritchie
  • Democracy, Rule of Law and the Mama Lo in 21st Century Papua New Guinea:  Results and Prospects.
    Tony Deklin

2. Creating Economic Autonomy: The Management, Planning and Development of Economic Resources

  • Introduction:  Creating Economic Autonomy:
    Edward P. Wolfers
  • Central Bank Independence - the First Seven Years
    Sir Wilson Kamit
  • Investment Promotion, What are its Challenges?
    Ivan Pomaleu
  • Oil, Gas and Gold: Prospects and Management
    Josua R. Kalinoe
  • Long Term Development Strategy and Wealth Creation:  A Paradigm Shift Platform Sir Puka Temu Creating Heaven in Paradise
    Vele Pat Ila’ava
  • The Development Story and the "Community" since the 1960s
    David Kavanamur

3. Our place in the World:  Papua New Guinea’s International relations

Introduction: Papua New Guinea’s International Relations
Edward P. Wolfers

Foreign Policy Evolution and the Challenges Ahead
Ambassador Lucy Bogari

40 Years of the Australia-New Guinea Relationship
Chris Moraitis

4. Political Parties and Electoral Politics

Introduction: Political Parties and Electoral Politics
Edward P. Wolfers

The Role and Place of the Organic Law on Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates in an Evolving Democracy
Paul Bengo

Section 145 of the Papua New Guinea Constitution - Vote of No Confidence
Raphael a.Saulep

Democracy versus Bigmanship 1997-2002
Simeon Wai Henao

5. Leadership A : Big-Man In Papua New Guinea Society

Introduction: Which Way Big Man? Questions and Reflections on Politics, the Constitution and Papua New Guinea’s National Heritage Edward P. Wolfers

Looking Back from 2008 to ‘Which Way Big Man?’
Nora Vagi Brash

The Proposed Constitution Park and National Heritage Centre
Simon P. Poraituk

6. Leadership B: Prime Minister and Former Prime Minister

Introduction: Prime Minister and Former Primer Minister
Edward P. Wolfers

Where have We Come From and Where are We Heading?
Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare

Evolving Democracy, National Currency and Autonomy
Sir Julius Chan

7. Leadership C: Partners of National Leaders

Introduction: Partners of National Leaders
Edward P. Wolfers

From Village Gardener to Government House
Lady Kaludia Matane

To Thank and Honour my Husband and my Country
Lady Stella Chan

8. Provincial and Local-Level Government

Introduction: Provincial and Local Government - Past, Present and Prospective
Edward P. Wolfers

The Fallacy of De-Centralisation and Reform within a Unitary System of Government
Ben Allan Micah

Evolving Democracy in a Changing Political Environment - Features of Westminster and Presidential Styles of Government
Stephen P. Pokawin

Hela Province in the Making: Devolution of Power to a Peoples’ Group.
Damien Arabagali

The Evolution of Local democracy in Papua New Guinea
Ray Anere

Governance and Decentralization in Papua New Guinea
Alphonse Gelu

9. Women in Nation and Parliament

Introduction: Women in Parliament
Edward P. Wolfers

What to Do with the Constitution Section 102
Maria Kopkop

Section 102 of The Constitution of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea
Dame Meg Taylor

10. Gender Balance and Democracy

Introduction: The Place of Women in Democracy
Ian Maddocks

Gender Balance and Democracy, National Council of Women’s Perspective
Scholar Kokas

PNG Women and Role Models
Serena Sasingian

11. The Media: What role in Papua New Guinea?

Introduction: Roles for Media and Technology in Papua New Guinea
Ian Maddocks

The Status of Papua New Guinea’s Lingua Franca
Kenneth Sumbuk

Competition or Monopoly in Telecommunication
John Mangos

Democratizing Digital Technology, the Steel Axe of the 21st Century
Tony Power

Evolving Democracy and the Media
Joseph N. Ealodona

Working at the Post Courier. The role of the Media and Evolving Democracy: A Personal Perspective.
Barney Orere

‘It’s Our Turn to Give Orders’. Walkabout’s View of a Nation in the Making Max Quanchi

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