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Mining Industry - Papua New Guinea

Mining accounts for about 60% of the export earnings of Papua New Guinea.1

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"Industrial and Employment Relations in the Mining Industry"

By:  Benedict Y. Imbun - UPNG Press 2000.

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"This book sets out to examine industrial relations in the PNG mining industry with special reference to the Porgera mine.  It also uses empirical data from other mines namely, Bougainville, Ok Tedi and Misima. The book is based on ... original empirical fieldwork carried out at the mines."
Imbun "includes a review of the existing literature on the PNG mining industry is given; ... an overview of the general development of industrial relations in this country is presented ... [and] an analysis of two important concepts and theoretical models is presented which has implications for this book.  Finally, a discussion of the methodology used in this book is presented"

By:  Benedict Y. Imbun - UPNG Press 2000.

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