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  • Construction of Railways and Rural Development
    • copy of December 1991 letter-proposal to Pias Wingti, C/-National Parliament, Waigani, from Michael R. Pearson
      "...concerning the possibilty of construction railways to help in the reconstruction of Bougainville and improving rural employment there.  PNGRailLetter.pdf [87 k pdf file]
  • Railways and Tramlines of Rabaul 1890s - 1980s
    • Article by Michael R. Pearson, date August 14, 1992
      RABAULTRAM.pdf [157 k pdf file]
  • A Chronology of Tramways and Railways in Papua New Guinea
  • History of Railways in Papua New Guinea
    Book Excerpts by:  Bob McKillop & Michael Pearson; University of Papua New Guinea Press