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END OF THE LINE :   A History of Railways in Papua New Guinea

by Bob Mckillop and Michael Pearson,
Port Moresby, PNG 1997

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Cover picture  from End of the line: history of railways in Papua New Guinea

This book was originally published in 1997 by the University of Papua New Guinea Press, and excerpts are published in Adobe Acrobat PDF format on this web site with permission from the authors

Table of contents
·  Introduction:  Railways and society
EOLintro.pdf 185 k. file - Page 1-6 of book - covers Railways and society:  Railways in history; Time and Discipline; Railways in PNG history
Chapters from book include:
· 4 - Mandated Territory
EOLmandated.pdf 12 pages
· 5 - Turmoil of War
EOLWar.pdf 9 pages
· 6 - Postwar Reconstruction
EOLpostwar.pdf 9 pages
· 7 - Independence EOLIndep.pdf 9 pages
EOLECONOMY.pdf 9 pages
· 9 - A Future for Railways in PNG
EOLFuturer.pdf 7 pages
· Railway lists
RAILLST.pdf 10 pages (WARNING THIS IS A 660 Kb. file)
EOLBIBLIOG.pdf 8 pages
· Sample photos and illustration from book
animal drawn railcart, locomotive and Rabaul tramway map

© 1997-2002 Bob Mckillop and Michael Pearon, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
Originally published by University of Papua New Guinea Press, 1997

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Bob McKillop at Marienberg, PNG
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more sample photos
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