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Education Policy Development and Globalisation

Educational Policy Development and Problems of Devolution in PNG Education

Teacher Education - Papua New Guinea

  • Community Teacher Education - complete text of McLaughlin and O’Donoghue, . August 1996. 133p. A4. ISBN 9980-84-066-8. Chap 1 of 6
  • Chapter 1 - Teacher Education:  Its Roots:  a 40 thousand year education tradition
  • Chapter 2 - Teacher Education:  The Past
  • Chapter 3 - Teacher Education:  The Future
  • Chapter 4 - Teacher Education:  i. Pacific Perspectivies
  • Chapter 5 - Improving Education:  Policy issues
  • Chapter 6 - Improving Teacher Education:  .i.  Pedagogical problems
  • Chapter 7 - Improving Teacher Education:  .i.  Political intrigues
  • Chapter 8 - Improving Teacher Education:  Contextual Realities
  • Chapter 9 - Improving Teacher Education:  .i.  Teacher Educators

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