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Institute of Pacific Studies - Books from the Pacific Islands 1998:  (Part 2 of 4)

History & Biography

Aloha Solomons. Sister Gwen Cross. Personal experiences involving culture, education, WWII, economic change--reflecting 30 years of Solomons' history. 1982. 166p-illus-idx. $8

Beyond the Black Waters: A Memoir of Sir Sathi Narain. Satya Colpani. Biography includes his family's migration from India, growing up on Koro Island, learning the construction trade, political involvement, family life and society in Fiji. 1996. 174p-illus-glsry-appdx-idx. ISBN 982-02-0117-9. $20

The Big Death: Solomon Islanders Remember World War II. William Bennett & 8 others; 5 editors. Personal accounts of scouting and fighting during the war, written in English and Pijin. 1988, reprtd 1989, 1990. 254p-illus-idx. $13

A Brief History of Niutao. P.A. Sogivalu. Life, religion, politics on a Tuvalu island. 1992. 52p. ISBN 982-02-0058-X. $7

Cannibals and Converts: Radical Change in the Cook Islands. Maretu. Marjorie Tuainekore Crocombe translates, annotates, and edits Maretu's writings about pre-European days, subsequent wars, destruction of gods and churches, epidemics, break-up of polygamous families and intrigues over women and power. 1983, reprtd 1987, 1993. 237p-illus-idx. $13

The Cook Islands: 1820-1950. Richard Gilson. Early Rarotongan society; mission period; British protectorate; annexation; constitutional, economic, & social development; war years and afterward. 1980, reprtd 1981, 1989, 1991. 256p-illus-idx. ISBN 0-7055-0735-1. $16

The Covenant Makers. see p.14

The Evolution of the Gilbertese Boti. H.E. Maude. Using oral traditions, the author ethnohistorically interprets cultural traits, collectively called boti. 1963, reprtd 1977, 1991. 70p-illus-genealogies. $7

The Facade of Democracy. see p.3

The Fiji and New Caledonia Journals of Mary Wallis, 1851-1853. David Routledge, ed. Life and events for the wife of a trader. Mary Wallis gives rare insight into life at the time. Extensive notes by the editor. Sequel to Life in Feejee. 1994. 269p-illus-glsry-idx. ISBN 982-02-0095-4. $24

Fijians at War 1939-1945. Asesela Ravuvu. Early military experiences, responses to WWII, training, Solomons campaign, fighting in New Guinea, returning home. 1974, 2d prtg, 1988. 77p-illus-idx. ISBN 982-02-0025-3. $7

Footsteps in the Sea. see p.14

From Darkness to Light in Polynesia. see p.15

Hef Ran Ta (The Morning Star): A Biography of Wilson Inia. Alan Howard. Inia's career of service, the man & his family, Christian heritage, soul of a teacher, Rotuman patriot, Fiji statesman. 1994. 221p-illus-glsry-idx. ISBN 982-02-0094-6. $16

His Majesty King Taufa`ahau Tupou IV of the Kingdom of Tonga. `Amanaki Taulahi. Coronation, titles, genealogy, education, cabinet portfolios, wedding, cultural & scientific interests, kingship. 1979, reprtd 1995. 30p-illus. $7

History of/Histoire de Macuata. Françoise Gardère and David Routledge. En français d'après un manuscrit trouvé à la mission catholique de Nabala, Macuata aux Iles de Fidji. In English from a manuscript found in the Catholic mission, Nabala, Macuata, Fiji. 1991. 96p-illus-glsry. $13

If I Live. see p.15

Island Boy: An Autobiography. Tom Davis, Pa Tuterangi Ariki. This Rarotongan medical doctor led medical programmes in Alaska & the Himalayas, was a Space Surgeon, became Prime Minister of the Cook Islands, was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II, & built an ocean-going canoe to sail the Pacific. 1992. 355pp-illus-idx. ISBN 982-02-0071-7. $24

Kanaka Boy. Sir Frederick Osifelo. From childhood to knighthood in politically evolving Solomon Islands. Autobiography. 1985, reptd 1986, 1994. 74p-illus-appdx. $10

Kiribati: Aspects of History. Sister Alaima Talu & 24 others. Old Tungaru, religion, civil wars, colonial phase, development & independence. 1979, rev 1984, reprtd 1989, 1992. 162p-illus in colour-idx-appdx. ISBN 982-02-0051-2. $10

Lagaga: A Short History of Western Samoa. Gatoloai Peseta Sio & 12 others; Malama Meleisea & Penny Schoeffel Meleisea, eds. Early European settlers, major churches, German & New Zealand colonial periods, background to W.Samoa's becoming the 1st independent state in the Pacific Islands, the 1st two decades of independence. 1987, reprtd 1989, 1991, 1994. 245p-illus-glsry-idx. ISBN 982-02-0029-6. $13

A Life of Adventure. Oswald Schulze. A well-known master mariner yarns about life & times, notable personalities, and the workings of his ships among Samoa, Tonga & Auckland. 1986, 2d prtg 1991. 76p-illus-idx. ISBN 982-02-0005-9. $7

The Making of Modern Samoa: Traditional Authority and Colonial Administration in the Modern History of Western Samoa. Malama Meleisea. Traces the clash between Samoan and western notions of government & law from the 1830s, emphasizing the hitherto neglected interpretation of events from a Samoan perspective. 1987, reprtd 1990, 1995. 296p-illus-glsry-idx. ISBN 982-02-0031-8. $16

Mariquita: A Tragedy of Guam. Chris Perez Howard. Biography of the author's mother, a young Chamorro woman, who perished under Japanese occupation in WWII. 1986, 2d prtg 1990. 100p-illus-idx. $8

Matagi Tokelau. Antony Hooper & Judith Huntsman, eds. Origin stories, voyagers & warriors, chiefs, visitors, Christianity, slave ships, protectorate, colony, WWII, recent events, land tenure, village life, religion and education, fishing, birds, crabs, entertainment. 1991. 237p-illus-glsry. ISBN 982-02-0058-X. $24

Matanitu: The struggle for power in early Fiji. David Routledge. The history of early Fiji was dominated by war, intrigue and endlessly changing fortunes of ambitious chiefs. The people of Bau, Rewa, Tonga, and Europe figure prominently. 1985, 2d prtg 1991. 247p-illus-idx. $13

Misi Utu. see p.14

Mission Life in Islands of the Pacific. see p.15

Niue: A History of the Island. Maihetoe Hekau & 11 others. Origins of the people, pre-history, European contacts, traditional and contemporary politics, modern times, the wisdom of Niue. Written in English and Niuean. 1982, 2d prtg 1992. 160p-illus-idx. $13

O Tama Uli: Melanesians in Samoa. Malama Meleisea. Colonial Melanesian labour trade and later history of its survivors. 1980. 65p-illus-idx. $5

Of Islands & Men: Studies in Pacific History. H.E. Maude. Early discoverers, beachcombers, traders, Bounty, colonizers. 1968, reprtd by IPS 1991. 419p-illus-idx. softcover $15, hardcover $24

On Fiji Soil: Memories of an Agriculturalist. Phyllis Parham Reeve. Based on the journals of the author's father, W.L. Parham, 1914-1942. The land, plants, walks and memories of living and working in Fiji. 1989. 267p-illus-idx. ISBN 982-02-0042-3. $12

Pacific Indians: Profiles in 20 Pacific Countries. Ahmed Ali & 24 others; Ron Crocombe, ed. Settlement & intregration in Melanesia, Micronesia, Polynesia, and the Pacific Rim countries. 1981. 240p-illus-idx. $10

Ples Blong Iumi: Solomon Islands, the past four thousand years. Sam Alasia & 13 others; Hugh Laracy, ed. Solomon Islander authors draw on a wide range of sources, from archaeology, archives, oral tradition to express a new political identity. 1989, 2d prtg 1990. 190p-illus-idx. ISBN 982-02-0027-X. $13

Polynesian Missions in Melanesia. see p.15

Prophets of Melanesia. see p.15

Rotuma: Hanua Pumue. see p.2

Protest & dissent. see p.??

Le Russe de Belfort. Marie Claude Teissier-Landgraf. Biographie de peintre Nicolaï Michoutouchkine. Né en Russe, éleve en France. A l'age de 23 ans, il a commencé ses voyages autour du monde. Résident de Vanuatu, montrer l'art océanien est devenu sa cause célèbre. 1995. 100p-illus-idx. ISBN 982-02-0101-2. $16

The Russian from Belfort. Marie Claude Teissier-Landgraf. Biography of painter Nicolaï Michoutouchkine. Russian by birth, raised in France. At the age of 23, he began his travels around the world. A resident of Vanuatu, he has made exhibiting Pacific Islander art his mission. 1995. 100p-illus-idx. ISBN 982-02-0100-4. $16

Samoa: 100 Ago & Long Before. see p.15

Samoans in Fiji: Migration, Identity and Communication. Morgan Tuimaleali`ifano. Origins, legends, proverbs, genealogies, customs, trade, education, status and prospects of 10,000 people of Samoan ancestry in Fiji. 1990. 267p-illus-glsry-appdx-idx. ISBN 982-02-0019-9. $12

The Sikhs of Fiji. Gajraj Singh. Origins, migration, occupations, settlement, education and status of Sikhs. 64p-illus. $4

Slavers in Paradise: The Peruvian labour trade in Polynesia, 1862-1864. H.E. Maude. Capture, journey, bondage in Peru, release, and final tragedy of repatriation for people from the Cooks, Marquesas, Niue, Rapanui, Samoa, Societies, Tokelau, Tonga, Tuamotu, Tuvalu. 1981, reprtd by IPS 1985, 1992, 1995. 270p-illus-idx. ISBN O-7081-1608-6. softcover $12, hardcover $23

The South Pacific: An Introduction. see p.12

The Story of Karongoa. H.E. Maude, ed. Oral history of the Karongoa clan from its origin and development in Samoa to modern times. Narrated by an Unimane of the Boti of Karongoa n Uea on Nikunau in 1934; transcribed by Tione Baraka of Taboiaki on Beru; translated by G.H. Eastman; edited, annotated & revised by H.E. Maude. 1991. 111p-genealogies. ISBN 9-8202-0062-8. $8

The Story of My Life. Semisi Nau, Allan K Davidson, ed. see p.15

Strategic Atolls: Tuvalu and the Second World War. Peter McQuarrie. Coast-watching, occupation, Rickenbacker's ordeal, bombings, Nanumea and Nukufetau, preface to Galvanic, war moves north, Tuvaluans abroad, aftermath, 50 years later. 1994. 203p-illus-glsry-appdx. ISBN 0-9583300-5-0. $29

Te Aso Fiafia: te tala o te Kamupane Vaitupu 1877-1887. Tito Isala and Doug Munro. Historical account from Vaitupu, Tuvalu, in the vernacular. 1987. 100p. ISBN 982-01-0014-3. $2

Te Tala O Niuoku: the German Plantation on Nukulaelae Atoll 1865-1890. Suamalie N.T. Iosefa, Doug Munro, Niko Besnier. Expiry of the lease to a German company and its effects for the people of Nukulaelae. 1990, rev 1991. 50p-maps. ISBN 982-02-0073-3. $5

They Came for Sandalwood. Marjorie Crocombe. Traders and their effects on Rarotonga. 1964, reprtd 1975, 1978, 1981, 1992, 1993. 62p-illus-glsry. $5

To Live Among the Stars. see p.15

Tuvalu: A History. Simati Faaniu & 16 others; Hugh Laracy, ed. Genesis, old order, old-time religion, land, singing & dancing, life cycle, traditions, Palagi, pastors, travellers, workers, colonial rule, war, post-war development, secession, independence, present, future. 1983, 2d prtg 1991. 208p-illus-appdx-idx. $13

Wild Life Among the Pacific Islanders. E.H. Lamont. Fascinating account of the first foreigner to live on Tongareva/Penrhyn, Cook Islands. Enmeshed in tribal wars, struggling to understand, & survive in, a culture radically different from his own. 1867, reprtd by IPS 1994. 359p-illus. ISBN 982-315-003-6. $13

The Works of Ta'unga. see p.15

Yumi Stanap: Some People of Vanuatu. Daniel Bangtor Aaron & 13 others; Brian Macdonald-Milne & Pamela Thomas, eds. 45 short biographies of leaders in a newly independent nation. 1981. 155p-illus. $8

Zoloveke: A Man from Choiseul. Dr Gideon Zoloveke. Autobiography - childhood, education, war, medical training in Fiji and medical service at home in Solomons. 1980. 69p-illus. $5


Fisheries Development in Fiji: The Quest for Sustainability. Joeli Veitayaki. Overpopulation, urbanization, and contemporary commerce have heightened concern for long-term sustainability of one of Fiji's greatest assests: its fisheries. Dietary, environmental, and income concerns mean Fiji must develop management practices to care for its people in future. Case study of Qoma Island. 1995. 250p-illus-glsry-appdx-idx. ISBN 982-02-0103-9. $16

Fisheries in the economy of the South Pacific. Michael G. King. Resources, methods, management. Jt pub: IPS & Forum Fisheries Agency. 1991. 30p-illus. ISBN 982-02-0065-2. $2

The Management of Marine Resources in Kiribati. see p.4

Monetary Policy in Fiji. Dudley G. Luckett. Commercial banking, non-bank financial intermediaries, financial markets, Reserve Bank of Fiji, domestic & international monetary policy, money supply & demand, strategy for monetary policy. 1987. 163p-illus-idx. ISBN 982-01-0013. $10

Nearshore Marine Resources of the South Pacific: Information for Fisheries Development and Management. Semisi Fakahau & 19 others. Andrew Wright & Lance Hill, eds. Appraisal, assessment, deepwater demersals, small pelagics, marine aquarium fish, flyingfish, shallow water reef-associated finfish, sharks, marine turtles, bêche-de-mer, pearl oysters, giant clams, trochus, green snail, deepwater shrimp, spiny lobster, mangrove crabs, coconut crabs, seaweeds. 1993. 726p-tables-charts-illus-biblio. ISBN 982-02-0082-2. $40

The Potential Impacts of a Namosi Copper Mine: A Case Study of Assimilation Planning. James P. Rizer & 4 others. Fiji economy, mining & quarrying, demographics, manpower, environment, infrastructure, communities, housing. 1981. 620p-illus-tables-appdx. $8

Transport and Communications for Pacific Microstates. Pamela Thomas & 11 others; Christopher C. Kissling, ed. Issues in organization, management & regional cooperation for telecommunications, television, video, aviation, tourism, shipping. 1984. 196p-illus. softcover $8, hardcover $16

Understanding Fisheries in the South Pacific. Michael G. King. Environments, resources, methods, careers, training, further reading. Jt pubn: IPS & Forum Fisheries Agency. 1991. 48p-illus. ISBN 982-02-0064-4. $2

Voluntary Service and Development in the Cook Islands. R.G. Crocombe. Most Cook Islanders belong to several voluntary organizations and most benefit directly or indirectly from many more. Overview of the 200+ organizations and their contributions to national & community development. 1991. 89p-illus-idx. ISBN 982-02-0023-7. $8

Women & Youth

Caring for Ourselves. see p. this page

Environment and Pacific Women: From the Globe to the Village. Patricia Jalal & 5 others; eds. Ruby Va'a & Joan Teaiwa. Human resources, appropriate technology & legal action to improve quality of life. 1988. 51p-illus. ISBN 982-O2-0033-4. $5

Land Rights of Pacific Women. see p.1

Literacy and Pacific Women. Salote Fukofuka & 18 others; Elizabeth Fong & Jayshree Mamtora, eds. Non-formal & distance education, media, libraries, research, publishing and children. 1991. 158p-illus. ISBN 982-224-002-3. $10

Pacific Women on the Move. Pam Thomas & 16 others. Development, business, co-operatives, education, associations, femininity, churches, marriage, divorce--changing society. Pacific Perspective 11:2. 88p. ISSN 0379 525 X. $8

Pacific Women: Roles and Status of women in Pacific Societies. Mosikaka Moengangongo & 6 others; Taiamoni Tongamoa, ed. Fiji, PNG, Solomons, Tonga, Vanuatu--women explore controversial contemporary issues. 1988, 2d prtg 1991. 114p-illus-idx. $8

Pacific Youth in Rural Economic Dev't. see p.1

Pacific Youth: Youth and Development in the South Pacific. N.H. Delailomaloma & 9 others; Pamela Thomas, ed. Rural development, unemployment, fishing, war, crime & gangs, housing & projects. 1982. 112p-illus-glsry. $7

South Pacific Women in Distance Education: Studies from countries of The University of the South Pacific. Hilda Kii & 11 others; Cema Bolabola & Richard Wah, eds. Outreach, courses, enrolments, societal factors, motivation in Cook Islands, Fiji, Kiribati, Nauru, Solomons, Tonga, Vanuatu, W.Samoa. 1995. 352p-illus-tables-appdx. ISBN 982-03-1157-8. $24

Tamaitai Samoa: Their Stories. Peggy Fairbairn-Dunlop. Autobiographies of Samoan women - nurses, teachers, store owners, factory workers, clerks, secretaries. Jt pubn: IPS & KIN Publications. 1996. 212p-ill-maps-21cm. ISBN 982-02-0124-1. $30

Woman Ikat Raet Long Human Raet O No? In English, French, and Bislama. Explanation of the convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women. 89p. $8

Women and Rural Development. Grace Mera & 9 others. W.Samoa, Vanuatu, Solomons, Kiribati, PNG, traditional, self-reliance. Pacific Perspective 8:2. 60p. $8


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